Ram's Bottled Water

5 Gallon Spring and Distilled Water

Our natural spring water comes from the Wissahickon  Spring in Pennsylvania.and the Chester Hill Springs in Massuchessets.

Water Bottle Sizes

  • 16.9 liter bottles (Spring)
  • 1 gallon bottles (Spring and Distilled)
  • 2 1/2 gallon bottles (Spring)
  • 3 gallon bottles (Spring and Distilled)
  • 5 gallon bottles (Spring and Distilled)

 SPRING WATER: The tastiest water produced by Mother Nature herself. The water originates in natural springs and is naturally filtered through mineral rock formations. A glass of Ramís Spring Water is delicious, refreshing, and free of impurities. Every glass meets the strict requirements of the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Spring water comes in 5 gallon bottles ready for easy insertion in any water cooler, and in cases of 6 by 1 gallons.

DISTILLED WATER: This is water that is 100% mineral and organism free! It is ideal for individuals with immune system deficiencies and those on restricted diets. Distilled water is made by boiling water, capturing its vapor and condensing the vapor back into liquid.

Distilled water comes in 5 gallon bottle ready for easy insertion in any water cooler , and in cases of 6 by 1 gallons.

All water is delivered to customerís office or home within our delivery area (New York City and its outer boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk and New Jersey). Ramís Bottled water operates its own fleet of trucks and so delivery can be made on a timely basis.


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